Seeds and Presscake


We have a range of seeds that are cultivated by (organic) farmers from all over the world. Seeds can be used for several purposes such as human and animal food applications, oil extraction and planting either for gardens or growing crops.

Available seeds:

- Black Currant Seed
- Borage Seed
- Chia Seed
- Echium Seed
- Evening Primrose Seed


We have a range of meal/presscake available. Dependent on the seed or germ it is made from it may be high in protein and/or fiber. Currently, only a small proportion is used in human food applications and the other part is almost all used for animal feed.

Available meal and presscake:

- Black Currant
- Borage
- Chia
- Evening Primrose
- Rosehip
- Wheat Germ

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