Prompted by our passion and respect for nature, we obtain our inspiration for producing superior quality speciality seed oils. Through our expertise, combined with advanced research and traditional knowledge of farming and processing, we provide plant solutions to the professionals in our industry. The majority of our processing is still based on traditional methods which are further tailored to suit each specific product. The oil is obtained either by cold pressing, where the seed is mechanically pressed on a screw press, or by solvent extraction. Further processing is tailored to suit customer requirements, whether it be virgin oil in its purest form or a colourless fully refined oil.

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New Holland Extraction LTD

De Wit Speciality Oils has a subsidiary company based in England: New Holland Extraction Ltd. NHE is a toll extraction facility that specialise in oil extraction from seeds, biomass etc. Key capabilities include their ability to process a wide range of raw materials through several different processes. These include pressing, pre-pressing and solvent (hexane) extraction. NHE also has research and development facilities including a small scale pilot plant and QC laboratory. NHE process batch sizes ranging from 5 to 500 metric tonnes.