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Seed cultivation

We select our own seed growers based on our knowledge and expertise in order to guarantee excellent quality ingredients. By working with raw material suppliers from different countries around the world, we are also able to provide a reliable supply of seeds all year-round. We have long and extensive relationships with our raw material suppliers.

In order to guarantee top quality, traceability and diversity of supplies, we strive that all of our cultivation adheres to Good Farming Practices. We also contribute to the sustainability of the farming industry and support organic farming. 


We have found the most effective processing methods by constantly experimenting, adapting and keeping our eyes open for new innovations. Because we operate our own extraction plant we have the ability to closely monitor the production process in order to ensure the production of high quality oils. Our UK extraction facility, New Holland Extraction Ltd., complies to the EU regulations and we provide our customers with extensive backup and a detailed certificate of analysis for each batch. Each step of the production process is monitored to ensure high quality, traceability and reliability.

The majority of our processing is based on traditional methods which are further tailored to suit each specific product. The oil is obtained either by cold pressing or by solvent extraction. Further processing can be adjusted to suit customer requirements, whether it be virgin oil in its purest form or a fully refined oil.

Sustainability is an important element for us during the processing operation. We constantly innovate to ensure the latest sustainable technologies in order to produce superior oils. 


The logistical planning is handled from our office on Texel

After conducting quality checks the products are released for sale and orders are prepared for worldwide transport.

We schedule regular productions and maintain stock of nearly all products. This ensures that we can work flexibly, efficiently and deliver with short lead times.

New Holland Extraction LTD

We have our own factory in England, New Holland Extraction Ltd., where we produce most of our vegetable oils ourselves. The great advantage of having our own production facility is that we can produce custom orders, and help you by manufacturing the perfect blend.

New Holland Extraction Ltd. is a toll extraction facility that specializes in oil extraction from seeds. They are able to process a wide range of raw materials through several processes, such as (cold) pressing, pre-pressing and solvent extraction.

Let’s work together!

By being open to new ideas, looking at possibilities, thinking and creating together we are able to manufacture and supply a product that fits perfectly to your needs and business practices.

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