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We are a family firm involved in seed cultivation and oil production since 1978.

Our mission is to provide high-quality (organic) vegetable and marine oils to support the health and wellbeing of people and animals while following sustainable practices.

We work closely with our customers and always put a strong emphasis on innovation. Trends and developments are followed and we adapt our range accordingly. This gives our customers the reassurance of receiving only top quality products.

Meet the team

Gertjan de Wit
Gertjan de WitDirector
Annerie Kiltz
Annerie KiltzAdministration/Logistics
Petra Maat-Kuip
Petra Maat-KuipAdministration
Peter Wiersma
Peter WiersmaCommercial Manager
Jesse Blankevoort
Jesse BlankevoortSales Manager
Gijs Arendsen
Gijs ArendsenSales Manager
Ger Vlaming
Ger VlamingPurchasing & Planning
Joost de Wit
Joost de WitDirector
Eva Gagyi-Pálffy
Eva Gagyi-PálffyAdministration
Joyce Oosterhof
Joyce OosterhofQuality Manager
Imme Dros
Imme DrosSales Manager
Jessica Broekman
Jessica BroekmanSales / Marketing Manager
Niels Booij
Niels BooijIT / Production

Let’s work together!

By being open to new ideas, looking at possibilities, thinking and creating together we are able to manufacture and supply a product that fits perfectly to your needs and business practices.

New Holland Extraction Ltd.

New Holland Extraction Ltd. (NHE) is our daughter company that we acquired in 2003. New Holland Extraction is a UK based specialist in the extraction of niche market oils from seeds. They are one of the few specialists toll extraction plant of niche market oils within Europe.

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