'De Wit Speciality Oils is dedicated to supply healthy ingredients that support the wellbeing of humans and animals'

Our goals

At De Wit Speciality oils we support sustainability and plan to commit and deliver our goods and services in the most sustainable manner.

De Wit Speciality Oils is dedicated to supply healthy ingredients that support the wellbeing of humans and animals. We believe in organic farming and are constantly striving to grow our range of organic plant-based oils. We try to contribute to the sustainability of the farming industry and stimulate Organic farming wherever possible. As a result, a substantial part of our production is grown on certified organic land. De Wit Speciality oils is SKAL certified.

Next to this, De Wit Speciality Oils supports the organic and environmental friendly movement. We do this by constantly developing new partnerships with organizations that stimulate organic and environmental friendly practices. 



Environmental change starts with you!

In order to reduce our greenhouse gas emission we have installed solar panels on the roof of our office. We also reduce waste and recycle our food, plastic and paper materials.

We support the number one form of sustainable transportation: the bicycle. That is why we offer a ‘bike plan’ for all our employees. A bike plan stimulates employees to travel by bike instead of taking the car or using public transport. Next to this, it supports the health of our employees.

Every day we provide a healthy lunch for our employees that is served in our canteen. We believe it is important to have communal team lunches. Team lunches are a great social occasion that connect our employees on a personal level.

Our Sustainability Statement

De Wit Speciality oils works in support of all 17 of the UN Sustainable Developments Goals and aims to follow sustainable practices throughout. In consideration of the interlinkages between all goals our key focus is specifically in line with SDG 3, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 17.

De Wit Speciality Oils is fully aware of the environmental and social responsibility they have towards stakeholders and our planet to produce their products with great care, with respect for all people working in the supply chain, and with minimum impact on planet Earth.    

We direct our efforts to increase usage of renewable energy, commiting to an ethical supply chain and set guidelines and new ways to reduce transport emissions amongst other things.

These and other details are available by requesting our company sustainability statement. Please get in touch if you would like to receive our statement.





Let’s work together!

By being open to new ideas, looking at possibilities, thinking and creating together we are able to manufacture and supply a product that fits perfectly to your needs and business practices.

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