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Marine oils

De Wit Speciality Oils is the exclusive distributor for omega-3 EPA/DHA concentrates by Naturmega for continental Europe.

Our Omega-3 EPA/DHA concentrates are produced by Naturmega in Colombia close to the source of Peruvian fish oils.

Supply of Peruvian fish oil complies with stringent regulations and fishing guidelines. These guidelines are strictly monitored and enforced. All this to prevent overfishing and exhausting our oceans resources. Naturmega and De Wit Speciality Oils are committed to help preserve the health of the oceans and use raw material from sustainable sources.

Naturmega is a member of GOED and committed to minimize the impact of its manufacturing processes on the environment. Naturmega closely monitors its manufacturing facilities and has water treatment and recirculation systems that recycle and re-use residual and in-process waters.The facilities also use equipment to closely monitor CO2 emissions.

Visit the Naturmega website for more information.



Available Oil Qualities

Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fish Oils EE 

400003333 EssentiOmega™ EE 33/22 (300/200)
400004039 EssentiOmega™ EE 35/25 (320/220)
400004037 EssentiOmega™ EE 10/50 (80/450)  

Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fish Oils TG

400006064 EssentiOmega™ TG 34/24 (300/200)
400004041 EssentiOmega™ TG 10/50 (80/440)
400003365 EssentiOmega™ TG 12/50  (93/440)
400003357 EssentiOmega™ TG 8/60  (60/510)

(other ratio’s on request)  


Metal drums 190 kg

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