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Press Release

Press Release

New Multi-Year Distribution Partnership in Europe between De Wit Speciality Oils BV and Algarithm Ingredients Inc.

Algarithm Ingredients Inc. and De Wit Speciality Oils BV Sign Multi-Year Distribution Partnership in Europe

Canadian omega-3 leader works with De Wit to provide infant formula, supplement and food companies with the most neutral flavored, sustainable and secure supply of algal based omega-3 lipids.

SASKATOON, CANADA and DE WAAL, THE NETHERLANDS (November 9th, 2023) — Algarithm Ingredients Inc.  (“Algarithm”) and De Wit Speciality Oils BV (“De Wit”) today announced the signing of a multi-year distribution partnership. Building on the recently announced partnership between Thai Union Ingredients and Algarithm, De Wit will leverage the most efficient European algal omega-3 supply chain, distributing Algarithm’s ingredients throughout Europe. Together De Wit and Algarithm will continue to expand Algarithm’s ingredient distribution, offering the best tasting omega-3 ingredients in the world.

As the world’s leading innovators of sustainably grown algae-based ingredients, Algarithm has successfully built a portfolio of the best tasting algae-based ingredients through its unique approaches to innovation and manufacturing. By going straight to the source and producing omega-3s from algae, Algarithm has been providing brands and consumers with a safe, secure and sustainable source of omega-3s. Algarithm’s focus on sensory and customer experience has been at the heart of its purpose since its inception and has won over consumer brands of all sizes. Approved by multiple respected regulatory and certification bodies around the world — including The Non-GMO Project, The Vegan Society, Health Canada and the European Food Safety Authority — Algarithm’s ingredients are utilized by leading global infant nutrition, supplement and food and beverage customers.

De Wit Speciality Oils has been involved in seed cultivation and oil production since 1978 with their own production facility, New Holland Extraction ltd., in the UK since 2003. Specializing in oils rich in omega-3 and omega-6 for a wide range of applications in the nutraceutical, food, cosmetics and animal nutrition industry. By working closely with our customers and always putting a strong emphasis on innovation De Wit have been successful in manufacturing and distributing ingredients on the European continent and beyond for the past 20 years.

“Algarithm is very excited to finalize our partnership with De Wit, together we believe that Algarithm and De Wit can provide a dependable and differentiated plant-based ingredient solution to customers throughout Europe,” said Ben Kelly, President of Algarithm. “This new partnership will allow Algarithm to expand our distribution reach, giving Algarithm  a presence in a geography it has not targeted since inception.”

“De Wit is delighted to announce this new partnership. As long-term, reliable and consistent suppliers to the European specialty lipids market, we believe that in working with Algarithm we can improve our offering to our existing customers and new customers. Together Algarithm and De Wit offer the most efficient, secure and safe supply chain, for superior and sustainable omega-3 algae products in Europe,” said Gertjan de Wit, Director of De Wit Speciality Oils.

Since the company’s inception in 2017, operating for a purpose greater than profit has been central to Algarithm’s mission. For members of Algarithm, being part of a team that not only creates the best tasting ingredients in the world, but also contributes to the nutritional and environmental health of the globe with transparency, honesty and integrity, is a core reason to invest their time and talent into Algarithm.

For more information on this partnership and Algarithm or De Wit Specility Oils, please visit or

About Algarithm 

Algarithm produces plant-based, ocean-friendly omega-3 ingredients derived from micro-algae.
Our omega-3s top the charts in fresh, undetectable taste, stability and versatility. Through our patented processes, innovative delivery methods and novel applications, we strive to make the consumption of omega-3s easy, enjoyable and eco-friendly for everyone.
Algarithm was founded in 2017 and has since grown to be a leader in the plant-based omega-3 space. The company is currently the only algal omega-3 supplier in North America that does not produce or profit from ingredients derived from animals. Their success to-date can be attributed to a focus on developing strategic partnerships with values-aligned brands that prioritize transparency, traceability and consumer enjoyment and strive to offer consumers valuable products, and education regarding health, helpfulness, happiness and harmony.

About De Wit Speciality Oils

De Wit Speciality Oils produces and markets a wide range of high-quality nutritional vegetable and marine oils. The oils are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 and used for a wide range of applications in the nutraceutical, food, cosmetics and animal nutrition industry.
Through its subsidiary, New Holland Extraction Ltd. in the UK, it processes both seed produced by local contract farmers as well as seed sourced from other places in the world while always putting a strong emphasis on quality, reliability and sustainability.
With a history dating back to 1978, De Wit Speciality Oils is a family-owned business committed to providing trusted nutritional oils that support human and animal health while adhering to sustainable practices.


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